Denon DVD 3800BDCI - Blu-ray Disc DVD/CD Player Operations Instructions

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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - DVD-3800BDCI



7Introduction IntroductionENGLISHENGLISHThe unit can also be turned on by pressing the buttons with circled numbers.Part Names and FunctionsFront Pane


8Introduction IntroductionENGLISHENGLISHThe unit can also be turned on by pressing the buttons with circled numbers.1. POWER ON button• Press to turn

Page 4 - Contents Features

9Introduction IntroductionENGLISHENGLISHYou can adjust the brightness of the display by the pressing [DIMMER] repeatedly. The brightness changes as br

Page 5 - Introduction Introduction

10ConnectionsENGLISHENGLISHConnectionsConnecting this unit to device with an HDMI jack using an HDMI cable enables digital transfer of both digital vi

Page 6

11Connections ConnectionsENGLISHENGLISHPress <HDMI RESOLUTION> to select the HDMI output mode. HDMI video resolution changes as following.When u

Page 7 - Note for SD Memory Cards

12ConnectionsENGLISHConnectionsENGLISH*1If “BD Audio Mode” is set to “Mix Audio Output” audio will be output as Multi LPCM. Refer to page 23.*2Outputs

Page 8 - Region Codes

13Connections ConnectionsENGLISHENGLISHAnalog 7.1ch/5.1ch audio signals can be output from 7.1ch AUDIO OUT jacks.After you made all necessary connecti

Page 9 - Cautions on Batteries

14PlaybackENGLISHENGLISHPlayback䡵 Turning the power offPress <ON/STANDBY> or [POWER OFF].• The power is set to the standby mode.Press <B ON /

Page 10 - 108234 57

15ENGLISHPlayback PlaybackENGLISHMany of BD and DVD disc contains Disc menu (DVD), Title menu (BD/DVD) or Pop-up menu (BD-video) which describes the c

Page 11 - Remote Control

16Playback PlaybackENGLISHENGLISH1) During playback, press C.• Resume message will appear on the screen.2) Press B.In a few seconds, playback will res

Page 12 - Front Panel Display

IIntroductionENGLISH FRANÇAIS ESPAÑOLIntroduction1. Read Instructions - All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the product is

Page 13 - Connections

17ENGLISHPlayback PlaybackENGLISHThis function plays back approximately at 1.3 times of normal playback while keeping the sound output. This function

Page 14 - Audio Setting

18Playback PlaybackENGLISHENGLISHYou can program the disc to play back in your desired order.1) In stop mode, press [MODE].• The program screen will a

Page 15 - Note for Optical Cable

19ENGLISHPlayback PlaybackENGLISHThis function allows you to enlarge the video image and to pan through the zoomed image.1) Press [ZOOM] during playba

Page 16 - Connecting the AC cord

20Playback PlaybackENGLISHENGLISH1) Select a type of search by pressing [SEARCH MODE].• Every time you press [SEARCH MODE], type of search changes.2)

Page 17 - Playback

21ENGLISHPlayback PlaybackENGLISH䡵 Bit rate information<For VR mode DVD-RW/-R>9. Bit rate (the amount of video data currently being read)10. Lay

Page 18 - 3 4CH XP

22Playback PlaybackENGLISHENGLISH21. HDMI video format22. Resolution of the HDMI output image23. HDMI audio format24. Maximum numbers of audio channel

Page 19 - Step by Step Playback

23ENGLISHPlayback PlaybackENGLISHYou can enjoy stereo phonic virtual space through your existing 2-channel stereo system.1) In stop mode, press [MODE

Page 20 - Playback Playback

24Playback PlaybackENGLISHENGLISHYou can adjust the picture quality and store the setting you have adjusted on memory 1-5.1) During playback, press [M

Page 21

25ENGLISHPlayback PlaybackENGLISH1. Current folder name (Disc or SD Memory Card name will be displayed for the top of the hierarchies.)2. List of the

Page 22 - 䡵 Using [SEARCH MODE]

26Playback PlaybackENGLISHENGLISH• If you insert a DVD-RW/-R, CD-RW/-R with DivX® files that are mixed with MP3/Windows Media™ Audio/JPEG files, the p

Page 23 - 䡵 Title information

IIIntroduction IntroductionESPAÑOL FRANÇAIS ENGLISHThis Class B digital apparatus complies with Canadian ICES-003.Cet appareil numérique de la classe

Page 24

27ENGLISHPlayback PlaybackENGLISHThis unit can also run JPEG files stored on Kodak Picture CD. You can enjoy picture images on the display device set

Page 25

28Playback PlaybackENGLISHENGLISH䡵 Inserting the SD Memory Card and playback䡵 Removing the SD Memory Card1Insert an SD Memory Card into the SD CARD sl

Page 26 - 䡵 “HD Audio Output”

29Function SetupENGLISHENGLISHFunction SetupIn the setup menu you can change the setting for audio, video, language, etc. You cannot change the settin

Page 27 - 䡵 Gamma correction

30Function Setup Function SetupENGLISHENGLISH䡵 Language• For how to select the setting items and options, refer to “Custom” on page 29.• Settings wit

Page 28

31Function Setup Function SetupENGLISHENGLISHSetting items OptionsHDMI RGB SettingSets the digital RGB image range (data range) output from the HDMI O

Page 29

32Function Setup Function SetupENGLISHENGLISH• Settings with (*) are the default.• Quick menu consists of the setting menus frequently used, and they

Page 30 - 䡵 Setting the media mode

33Function Setup Function SetupENGLISHENGLISH• Settings with (*) are the default.• Quick menu consists of the setting menus frequently used, and they

Page 31

34Function Setup Function SetupENGLISHENGLISHSpeaker SettingThis unit allows you to enjoy multi-channel surround sound such as 7.1-channel / 5.1-chann

Page 32 - Function Setup

35Function Setup Function SetupENGLISHENGLISH• Settings with (*) are the default.• For HDMI, “None” and “Off” options for “Speaker Configuration” are

Page 33 - 䡵 Video

36Function Setup Function SetupENGLISHENGLISH䡵 RatingsRatings control allows you to set a limit, which prevents your children from viewing inappropri

Page 34 - Function Setup Function Setup

1Introduction IntroductionENGLISHENGLISHIntroductionFeatures ... 1Adv

Page 35 - 䡵 Audio

37Function Setup Function SetupENGLISHENGLISH䡵 Others• For how to select the setting items and options, refer to “Custom” on page 29.Initialize the s

Page 36 - Digital Out Setting

38OthersENGLISHENGLISHOthersIf the unit does not perform properly when operated as instructed in this Operating Instruction, check the unit, consultin

Page 37 - Speaker Setting

39ENGLISHOthers OthersENGLISHLanguage CodeLanguage CodeA-BAbkhazian 4748Afar 4747Afrikaans 4752Albanian 6563Amharic 4759Arabic 4764Armenian 5471Assame

Page 38

40Others OthersENGLISHENGLISH• For purposes of improvement, specifications and design are subject to change without notice.SpecificationsSIGNAL SYSTEM


TOKYO, JAPANwww.denon.comDenon Brand Company, D&M Holdings Inc.E5E00UD / 1VMN24353 ★★★★★Printed in China Page 42

Page 40 - 䡵 Others

2Introduction IntroductionENGLISHENGLISH●On-Screen DisplayInformation about the current operation can be displayed on a screen, allowing you to confir

Page 41 - Troubleshooting

3Introduction IntroductionENGLISHENGLISH●Cautions on using mobile phones.Using a mobile phone near this unit may result in noise. If so, move the mobi

Page 42 - Language Code

4Introduction IntroductionENGLISHENGLISHDivX, DivX Certified, and associated logos are trademarks of DivX, Inc. and are used under license.• Handle th

Page 43 - Specifications

5Introduction IntroductionENGLISHENGLISHThe following discs will not play back on this unit. BD and DVD are recorded in different color systems throug

Page 44 - TOKYO, JAPAN

6Introduction IntroductionENGLISHENGLISHKeep in mind the following when using the remote control:• Make sure that there are no obstacles between the r

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