Denon Cocoon Home Owner's Manual

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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Owner’s Manual

DSD-500SPEAKER DOCKOwner’s ManualPreparationsOperationsInformations


7Connecting to a home network (LAN)When this unit is connected to your home network (LAN), you can enjoy various audio sources via the network.•Strea


8Network connections and settingsThere are two types of network connections available – wired and wireless. Select either of them according to your ro

Page 4 - Getting started

9Network connections and settings n When your router is equipped with a WPS buttonBy just pressing the WPS button on your router and this unit, the wi

Page 5 - Cautions on handling

10Network connections and settingsWired LANAC INUSB NETWORK WIRELESS LAN LOUDNESSON / STANDBYAUX IN NETLINK WPS5V 0.5AInternetTo WAN sideRouterTo LAN

Page 6 - Remote operation

11Using PC to make network settings of this unit n When this unit is connected to your PC through wireless LANBefore turning this unit on, make sure t

Page 7

12OperationsF Playback vpage13vpage14 vpage15 vpage17vpage18PORTABLE PLAYERvpage19 vpage20F How to make detailed settings vpage22Operation

Page 8 - Connections

13PlaybackThis section provides how to play back music with this unit.This unit can play back music from the following devices (media).•iPhone, iPod

Page 9 - Connecting an iOS device

14Playing an iOS deviceWith this unit, you can listen to music on an iOS device. It is also possible to operate the iOS device from the main unit or r

Page 10 - Required system

15AirPlay functionEnjoy music from your iTunes library with high quality sound anywhere in your home.Use the Apple Remote appz for iPhone, iPod touch

Page 11 - Informations

16 n Perform iTunes playback operations with the remote control unit of this unitWith this unit’s remote control unit, you can perform iTunes song pla

Page 12 - WPS on the rear panel


Page 13

17Listening to internet radioInternet radio refers to radio broadcasts distributed over the Internet.Internet radio stations from around the world can

Page 14 - NETLINK on the rear panel

18Playing a USB memory deviceA USB memory device can be connected to the USB port of this unit to play music files stored on the USB memory device.Impo

Page 15

19Removing the USB memory device 1Press X to set the standby mode.2Check that the communication indicator on the USB memory device is not ashing,

Page 16 - Playback

20Playing back files stored on PC or NAS with Cocoon App (Music Server)This unit can play back music files and playlists (m3u, wpl) stored on a PC, Digi

Page 17 - Playing an iOS device

21Playing back files stored on PC or NAS with Cocoon App (Music Server)About playbackWhen you start playback on PC, NAS, or DMS, the input source for t

Page 18 - AirPlay function

22Menu mapSetting items Detailed items Description PageLanguageLanguageSets the language for display the menu.23ClockClockAuto Adjust(On) Automaticall

Page 19

23Setting the language (Language)Sets the language for display the menu.•The factory default setting is “English”.1Press + and – at the same time.Tur

Page 20 - Listening to internet radio

24Setting the clock (Clock)Setting the Summer Time (Summer Time)Use the following procedure to set Summer time if the Summer time system is used in y

Page 21 - Playing a USB memory device

25Setting the volume limit (Max Vol Level)Make a setting for maximum volume.•The factory default setting is “50”.1Press + and – at the same time.Tur

Page 22 - Playing a portable player

26 n Notes concerning use of “Firmware Update”•Do not turn off the power until updating or upgrading is completed.•Even with a broadband connection

Page 23

IIn NOTES ON USEWARNINGS•Avoid high temperatures.Allow for sufficient heat dispersion when installed in a rack.•Handle the power cord carefully.Hold

Page 24 - Important information

Informations27F Part names and functions vpage28F Other information vpage30F Troubleshooting vpage33F Specifications vpage36F Index vpage

Page 25 - How to make detailed settings

28Front panelFor buttons not explained here, see the page indicated in parentheses ( ).q ewr t yq DisplayGWireless LAN signal strengthH: Strong: Mediu

Page 26 - Setting the clock (Clock)

29Remote control unitFor buttons not explained here, see the page indicated in parentheses ( ).q Skip buttons (8, 9) ··························· (14)w

Page 27

30Other information n Trademark information (vpage30) n Explanation of terms (vpage31)Trademark informationThis product uses the following technolog

Page 28 - (Max Vol Level)

31Explanation of termsAAES (Advanced Encryption Standard)This is a next generation standard encryption method replacing the current DES and 3DES, and

Page 29

32VvTunerThis is a free online content server for Internet radio. Note that usage fees are included in upgrade costs.For inquiries about this service,

Page 30

33TroubleshootingIf a problem should arise, first check the following:1. Are the connections correct?2. Is the set being operated as described in the o

Page 31 - Part names and functions

34Symptom Cause/Solution PageInternet radio cannot be played.•Ethernet cable is not properly connected or network is disconnected. Check the connecti

Page 32 - Remote control unit

35GRemote control unitHSymptom Cause/Solution PageThe set cannot be operated with the remote control unit.•Batteries are worn out. Replace with new b

Page 33 - Other information

36Specifications n Audio section•Amplifiers: 4 x 25 W ClassD•Drivers: 2 x 40 mm Tweeter2 x 100 mm Woofer n Clock•Clock method Within 1 – 2 minutes pe

Page 34 - Explanation of terms

1Thank you for purchasing this DENON product. To ensure proper operation, please read this owner’s manual carefully before using the product.After rea

Page 35

37 v AAccessories ·························································· 1Adjusting the master volume ····························· 13Adjusting th

Page 36 - Troubleshooting

38DimensionsUnit : mm236.0451.027.0170.0Weight : 5.4 kgPreparationsOperationsInformationsInformations

Page 37 - 1 button in iTunes or

D&M Holdings Inc.3520 10118

Page 38 - Resetting the microprocessor

2FeaturesEquipped with a Dock that supports iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad® (vpage6)This unit employs a slide type Dock that comes out when you push i

Page 39 - Specifications

3Remote operationAbout the remote control unit n Inserting the batteriesq Remove the rear lid in the direction of the arrow and remove it.w Load the

Page 40 - InformationsInformations

Preparations4F Connections vpage5vpage5vpage5PORTABLE PLAYERvpage5vpage6F Connecting to a home network (LAN) vpage7vpage9 vpage10Preparati

Page 41 - Dimensions

5NOTE•Do not plug in the power cord until all connections have been completed.•When making connections, also refer to the owner’s manual of the othe

Page 42 - 3520 10118 00AD

6Connecting an iOS device•You can enjoy music stored on an iOS device.•For operating instructions see “Playing an iOS device” (vpage14) iPodDock co

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