Denon DSB-200 Owner's Manual

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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Owner’s Manual

..PORTABLE PREMIUM SOUNDBLUETOOTH SPEAKEROwner’s ManualYou can print more than one page of a PDF onto a single sheet of paper.Contents Preparation Con

Page 2 - Connections

oConnecting the AC charger/power supplyEnvaya automatically starts charging when the AC charger/power supply is connected to a power source and the sp

Page 3

oBattery indicatorThe battery indicator uses 3 LEDs to indicate the approximate timeremaining on the internal battery and the status of the charge pro

Page 4 - Unpacking the speaker

Turning the power on1Press and hold X until a notification sound is heard.The status indicator illuminates and Envaya turns on..When Envaya is running

Page 5 - Overview

Bluetooth operationYou can enjoy listening to music wirelessly by connecting Envaya to your Bluetooth device.PairingPairing (registration) is an opera

Page 6 - Features and functions

1: Connecting for the first time1Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device.0For details, see the Owner’s Manual of your Bluetooth device..Bluetooth ON2P

Page 7

4Select “Envaya” from the list of devices displayed onthe screen of your Bluetooth device.When pairing is complete a notification sound is heard and t

Page 8 - Using the built-in stand

2: Reconnecting paired devices1Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device.0For details, see the Owner’s Manual of your Bluetooth device..Bluetooth ON2Pre

Page 9 - Charging

3: Reconnecting NFC devicesSimply touch Envaya with the Bluetooth device. Envaya automaticallyturns on and the Bluetooth device reconnects.1Turn on th

Page 10 - Appendix

Simultaneously connecting multipleBluetooth devices (Multipoint function)Three Bluetooth devices can be simultaneously connected to Envaya soyou can e

Page 11 - Battery indicator

Disconnecting the Bluetoothconnection1Press and hold the Bluetooth button.The Bluetooth connection is disconnected and the Bluetooth buttonchanges fro

Page 12 - Turning the power off

PreparationUnpacking the speaker4Overview5Sound quality5Design5Operation5Features and functions6Using the built-in stand8Charging9Turning the power on

Page 13 - Bluetooth operation

Adjusting the volume1While playing music, press the + button to increase thevolume. Press the – button to decrease the volume.0For the best signal to

Page 14 - Bluetooth ON

TipsCharging your mobile device 22Changing the color of the grill 22Connecting multiple Bluetooth devices and switching easily betweenthem 22Using an

Page 15

TipsCharging your mobile device0Use the USB cable supplied with the your device and connect it to the Mobile Charge port. (v p. 30)Changing the color

Page 16

TroubleshootingCheck all connections.If Envaya does not operate properly, check the items listed in the table below.Should the problem persist, there

Page 17 - 3: Reconnecting NFC devices

oNo sound from the speakerSymptom Cause / Solution PageNo sound from the speaker0The speaker is not connected to AC power or the battery is not charge

Page 18 - Switching playback devices

oCannot pair a Bluetooth device with the speakerSymptom Cause / Solution PageCannot pair a Bluetoothdevice with the speaker0The Bluetooth connection i

Page 19 - Disconnecting the Bluetooth

oSpeaker is turning off automaticallySymptom Cause / Solution PageSpeaker is turning offautomatically0No audio is played via Bluetooth for approximate

Page 20 - Adjusting the volume

Changing the device name ofEnvaya displayed on the Bluetoothdevice1When the power is on, press and hold the Bluetoothbutton and MUTE button simultaneo

Page 21

Restarting the unitIf Envaya does not operate correctly, use a pointed object such as a paperclip to press the reset button on the side of the unit..C

Page 22

Replacing the grill clothYou can replace the grill cloth with a different colored cloth.1Gently pull up on the metal outer grill from the bottom..2Pos

Page 23

TroubleshootingTips22Troubleshooting23Changing the device name of Envaya displayed on theBluetooth device27Restarting the unit28AppendixReplacing the

Page 24 - No sound from the speaker

Charging Your Mobile DeviceEnvaya’s power supply can be used to charge your USB powered mobile device by connecting the device using the device’s USB

Page 25

Playing back a Bluetooth deviceEnvaya supports the following Bluetooth profile.0A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile):When a Bluetooth device tha

Page 26 - Speaker is malfunctioning

SpecificationsoSpeaker sectionType: 57 mm full range × 2100 mm passive radiator × 1oBluetooth sectionCommunication system: Bluetooth Specification ver

Page 27 - Changing the device name of

oDimensions (Unit : mm).9613814125547.547.5oWeight : 1.28 kgContents Preparation ConnectionsVolume adjustmentTroubleshootingAppendix33Index

Page 28 - Restarting the unit

Indexv AAccessories ... 4v BBluetooth connection (NFC connection) ... 17v CChanging the device

Page 29 - Replacing the grill cloth

www.denon.comD&M Holdings Inc.3520 10324 00AD35

Page 30 - Charging Your Mobile Device

To ensure proper operation, please read this owner’s manual carefully before using the product.After reading this manual, be sure to keep it for futur

Page 31 - Trademark information

OverviewSound quality0Despite its compact size, Envaya is equipped with 2 high qualityfull range speakers, and a passive radiator that utilizes double

Page 32 - Specifications

Features and functions.BACD GFEHABattery/Charging IndicatorIndicates the amount of remaining battery power and charging status. (v p. 11)BPower button

Page 33

.LMKJIIMobile charging portUsed to charge a connected USB device. (v p. 30)JReset buttonResets the Envaya. (v p. 28)KAUX Input connectorUsed to conn

Page 34

Using the built-in stand1Place the speaker on a flat surface facing towards yousupporting it with one hand..2Place the fingers of your other hand acro

Page 35 - 3520 10324 00AD

ChargingEnvaya can be powered by an AC power source or from it’s internal battery.Please make sure you charge the battery completely before listening

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