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DVD Audio-VIdeo / Super Audio CD Player
Audio/Video & Super Audio CD
Player with Dual Discrete Video Circuit
The DVD-955 is endowed with technology to unleash the full impact of DVD-Video picture quality. The DVD-955 also uses dual
12-bit, 216-MHz video D/A converter to faithfully preserve the delicate low-level signals often lost during D/A conversion.
With these advanced video image technologies, the DVD-955 will reproduce with the highest resolution, DVD images on
Progressive-compliant monitors and projectors. For sound, it is high quality audio D/A conversion and Digital Bass Management
that will bring out the best of not only Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio discs, but your entire CD collection as well.
HDMI Interface with Multi Channel Audio/ DVI Digital Video Output (*1)
• 720p/ 1080i Scaling
• Squeeze Mode
HDMI Multi Channel Audio Ready
Dual Discrete Video Circuit (D.D.V.C.)
• Dual 12-bit, 216-MHz Video D/A Converters
An extremely high-speed video D/A converter is a critical component in superior
quality digital video playback. The DVD-955 therefore uses dual 12-bit, 216-MHz
video D/A converters to ensure highly accurate playback of delicate, low-level video
signals and give you a vivid picture that is faithful in every detail. Oversampling of 8x
is used for both Progressive and 16x for Interlaced video signals, allowing more
detailed D/A conversion. Higher quality picture reproduction is also possible thanks
to a filtering with flexible shutout characteristics that is used for the analog filter in the
latter stage. Furthermore, the DVD-955 uses two separate video D/A converters to
process Progressive and Interlaced signals. This eliminates mutual interference
between the Progressive and Interlaced signals.
• Noise Shaped Video (NSV)
• Super Sub Alias Filter
• Discrete Audio/Video circuit
To ensure high-quality sound and video playback, all circuits have been given in a
discrete design, a feature inherited from high-end equipment. The audio and video
circuits have been mounted on separate boards that are in complete isolation from
each other in order to thoroughly suppress high-frequency video noise.
The power section has been given in a discrete design as well, with separate power
units provided for the audio block, video block, and digital block, ensuring a clean,
stable supply of power to all circuits. Interference among the circuits is thus
thoroughly suppressed to produce high-grade playback with minimal noise.
From basic design to ease of use, the DVD-955 has been carefully designed in every
detail to deliver superior playback performance.
Progressive Scan featuring DCDi by Faroudja
Progressive Scan technology represents a vast improvement over the interlaced
scanning method used in TV broadcasts and other conventional applications, as it
can process around twice as much video data to produce a sharper, noise-free
picture with finer details. High-definition video images are faithfully displayed with
optimum naturalness and beauty. Now, this DCDi technology that was available only
in the higher-end DVD players has been included in Denon's affordable DVD-955.
DVD-Audio/ Super Audio CD Universal Player
Dual Bottom Chassis
All Channel Equal 24-bit, 192-kHz Audio D/A Converter
The DVD-955 uses a 24-bit, 192-kHz audio D/A converter that is well protected from
noise caused by fluctuations in current from the power supply. Since the level of
quantization noise within the frequency range is uniform for all frequencies, this D/A
converter ensures that all the sound you hear is as clear and noise-free as possible.
Pure Direct Mode
The DVD-955 features a Pure Direct Mode that further improves sound quality. For
example, during analog audio output, Pure Direct can turn off video signal outputs
and the front panel display which can easily influence the sound quality of the analog
audio signals.
SRS TruSurround
The DVD-955 is equipped with SRS's TruSurround circuit, a high-grade sur-
round virtualizer that lets you enjoy the excitement of 5-channel audio with
only using 2 speakers.
Bass Management for HDMI Output
HDCD Decoding
DVD-R/RW (DVD-Video Recording Mode) Playback (*2)
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