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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Owner’s Manual

DRA-N5NETWORK RECEIVEROwner’s ManualPreparationsOperationsInformation


7Connecting to a home network (LAN)•This unit lets you play via your home network (LAN) music files stored on a computer and music content such as tha


8Connecting the power cordWhen all of the connections are completed, insert the power plug into the power outlet.Power cord (supplied)To household po

Page 4 - Getting started

9SetupMenu mapSetting itemsDetailed items Description PageQuick SetupQuick Setup[Setup] :enter :backQuick SetupPerforms the network setting

Page 5 - Cautions on handling

10Setting the general [General]AlarmThis device can playback using the alarm playback (everyday alarm, once alarm).•This unit’s alarm does not suppor

Page 6 - Remote operation

11Setting the general [General]Setting the Summer TimeUse the following procedure to set Summer time if the Summer time system is used in your country

Page 7

12Setting the general [General]Speaker OptimizationAn optimizing filter suited for the properties of the speakers (SC-N5) can be used.1Press SETUP.Turn

Page 8 - Connections

13Setting the general [General] n Update on web screenFirmware can be updated using the “Web control function” (vpage39).“Web control function” (vpag

Page 9 - Connecting a digital device

14Setting the general [General]UpgradeDisplay a notification message on this unit’s menu screen when downloadable firmware is released with “Add New Fea

Page 10 - Required system

15Setting the network [Network]Connecting wired LANUse this procedure to configure the wired LAN settings. n Network connecting (when “DHCP”settings a

Page 11 - Connecting the power cord

16 n Proxy settingsConfigure these settings to connect to the internet via a proxy server.1Press SETUP.Turns on the Menu settings mode and the Menu app

Page 12 - Menu map


Page 13 - [Quick Setup]

17Setting the network [Network]5If there is an encryption setting for the access point you selected in step 4, enter same encryption key as used for t

Page 14

18Setting the network [Network] n Manual Settings1Press SETUP.Turns on the Menu settings mode and the Menu appears on the display (vpage9 “Menu map”)

Page 15 - n Update

19 n Friendly NameThe Friendly Name is the name of this unit displayed on the network (Maximum 63 characters).1Press SETUP.Turns on the Menu settings

Page 16 - n Notification

20OperationsF Preparations vpage21F Operations possible during playback vpage21F Network audio playback vpage23F Favorite function vpage30

Page 17 - n Add New Feature

21Operations possible during playbackSelecting the input source n Selecting the input source using the main unit1Press SOURCE.The display changes to t

Page 18 - Setting the network [Network]

22Adjusting the tone1Press SDB TONE to select the tone parameter to be adjusted.SDB BassBalanceS. DirectTreble2Use o p to adjust the “SDB”, “Bass”,

Page 19 - n Proxy settings

23Network audio playbackFollow this procedure to play Internet radio stations or music files stored on a computer. n About the internet radio function

Page 20 - n Auto-Scan (Wireless LAN)

24Network audio playbackApplying media sharing settingsHere, we apply the settings to share music files stored on a PC and NAS on the network. n Sharin

Page 21 - n Manual Settings

25 n Music server operationOperation buttons Function8 9(Press and release)Auto search (cue)8 9(Press and hold)Fast-reverse the file / Fast-forward th

Page 22

26Network audio playbackListening to radio is not available in all countries. Please check for more information.

Page 23 - Operations

IIn NOTES ON USEWARNINGS•Avoid high temperatures.Allow for sufficient heat dispersion when installed in a rack.•Handle the power cord carefully.Hold

Page 24

27 n Switching the displayDuring playback, Press INFO.The file type/bit rate, artist name and album name are displayed. n operationOperation b

Page 25 - n Canceling the sleep timer

28Network audio playbackListening to Spotify Introduce your DENON to a whole new world of music. With Spotify, you can enjoy instant access to million

Page 26 - Network audio playback

29 n Switching the displayDuring playback, Press INFO.The display switches between artist name and album title each time the button is pressed. n Spot

Page 27

30Favorite function This section provides information on the Favorite function.•The Favorite function allows you to register your favorite broadcast

Page 28 - INFO is

31AdapteriPodConnectorLoading Dismantling n USB portiPodTo connect an iPod to this unit, use the iPod cable supplied with the iPod.iPod playbackThe un

Page 29 - ENTER or p

32iPod playback5Press 1/3.Playback starts.NOTE•1st generation iPod nano and iPod video do not have remote mode support. •DENON will accept no respon

Page 30 - n operation

33Supported iPod models•iPod classic•iPod nano•iPod touch•iPhone(as of July 2012)iPod playbackPreparationsOperationsInformationOperations

Page 31 - +10 while the

34USB memory device playbackYou can playback music stored on a USB memory device using this unit. n USB memory device (vpage48)Playing files stored on

Page 32 - n Spotify operation

35USB memory device playback n USB operationOperation buttons Function8 9(Press and release)Auto search (cue)8 9(Press and hold)Fast-reverse the file /

Page 33 - Favorite function

36AirPlay functionEnjoy music from your iTunes library with DENON quality sound anywhere in your home.Streaming music stored in iPhone or iPod touch d

Page 34 - Connecting an iPod

1Connections ··················································································· 5Connecting the speakers ····························

Page 35 - Information

37Remote operationsYou can use your DENON remote control to play and pause iTunes, as well as skip to next and previous tracks. 1Open “Edit” – “Prefer

Page 36 - Supported iPod models

38Remote play functionYou can use your home network to play back with this unit music files stored on PC, NAS, mobile phones and portable audio players

Page 37 - USB memory device playback

39Web control functionYou can control this unit from a web control screen on a web browser.•This unit and the PC need to be connected to the network

Page 38 - AUX to select “AUX:Analog

406Operate.GExample 1H Network Setting 1Friendly NameCEOL piccolo Set Set DefaultNetwork ConnectionSelect Connection Select Connection[+]DHCO or Proxy

Page 39 - AirPlay function

41Other functionsInputting charactersOn this unit, the names displayed for “Friendly Name” and search, screens can be changed as desired.For inputting

Page 40 - Remote operations

42Other functionsAuto power on functionWhen you press INTERNET RADIO, ONLINE MUSIC, MUSIC SERVER, iPod, AUX, USB, 1/3 or FAVORITE CALL, the correspond

Page 41 - Remote play function

43InformationF Information vpage44F Explanation terms vpage51F Troubleshooting vpage53F Specifications vpage56F Index vpage57Information

Page 42 - v See overleaf

44InformationPart names and functionsFor buttons not explained here, see the page indicated in parentheses ( ).Front panelw e rqq USB port ··········

Page 43 - Operate

45Part names and functionsRear panelq w ure ytq AC inlet (AC IN) ············································· (8)w DIGITAL IN connector ·············

Page 44 - 0 – 9, +10 until the desired

46Part names and functionsRemote controlThis section explains the buttons used to playback each input source.ADDCALLFAVORITESEARCH. / ABCa/ADEFGHI JKL

Page 45 - Using the cursor buttons

2Main featuresHigh quality & high power in a compact bodySupports internet radio and music streamingSupports AirPlay® (vpage36)DLNA ver. 1.5 supp

Page 46

47Part names and functions n Buttons that work when the input source is “iPod” or “USB”“Buttons that work with all input sources” can also be used. AU

Page 47

48iPod “Made for iPod” and “Made for iPhone” mean that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPod, or iPhone

Page 48 - Rear panel

49Network audioImportant information n About the internet radio function•Internet radio refers to radio broadcasts distributed over the Internet.Inte

Page 49 - Remote control

50Network audio n About learns what you love... and it’s a great way to discover new music.Your new DENON Network receiver is very clev

Page 50

51Explanation termsAAES (Advanced Encryption Standard) This is a next generation standard encryption method replacing the current DES and 3DES, and be

Page 51 - USB memory device

52VvTunerThis is a free online content server for Internet radio. Note that usage fees are included in upgrade costs.For inquiries about this service,

Page 52 - Network audio

53GInternet radio/Music server/iPod/USB memory deviceHSymptom Cause Countermeasure PageWhen a USB memory device is connected, “USB” is not displayed.•

Page 53 - n About Spotify

54GLast.fmHSymptom Cause Countermeasure PageCannot login to (“Subscription required” is displayed.)•Login authentication error.•If a nonsub

Page 54 - Explanation terms

55GAirPlayHSymptom Cause Countermeasure PageThe AirPlay icon is not displayed in iTunes or on the iPhone/iPod touch.•This unit and the computer or i

Page 55 - InformationInformation

56 n Audio AMPRated output:2-channel driving65 W + 65 W (4 Ω, 1 kHz, T.H.D. 0.7 %)Dynamic power:80 W + 80 W (4 Ω)Output terminals:Speaker 4 – 16 ΩSuit

Page 56

3Remote operation n Operating range of the remote control Point the remote control at the remote sensor when operating it.30°30°Approx. 7 mNOTE•The

Page 57 - GLast.fmH

57Index v AAccessories ·························································· 1Add New Feature ··············································· 14A

Page 58 - WPS button

LicenseThis section describes software license used for this unit. To maintain the correct content, the original (English) is used. n Boosthttp://www.

Page 59 - Specifications

whatsoever in connection with the Work and shall not be liable to You or any party on any legal theory for any damages whatsoever, including without l

Page 60

1. The origin of this software must not be misrepresented; you must not claim that you wrote the original software. If you use this software in a pro

Page 61 - n FastDelegate

DimensionsUnit : mm234. 20.0140.0180.038.0 152.0 44.00.5Weight : 2.2 kgPreparationsOperationsInformationInformation

Page 62

D&M Holdings Inc.3520 10169

Page 63 - Used in the Unit

4PreparationsF Connections vpage5F Setup vpage9PreparationsHere, we explain the connections and basic operation methods for this unit.Preparatio

Page 64 - Dimensions

5NOTE•Do not plug in the power cord until all connections have been completed.•When making connections, also refer to the operating instructions of

Page 65 - 3520 10169 10AD

6Connecting an analog deviceAUDIORLOUTRLRLAUDIOAnalog deviceConnecting a digital deviceAUDIOOPTICALOUTDigital deviceNOTEOther digital audio signals th

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