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Status LEDTroubleshootingUseSetup
Wireless Speaker
Owner’s Manual
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Owner’s Manual

AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContentsWireless SpeakerOwner’s ManualHEOS 7HEOS 5HEOS 3

Page 2

10AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContents 2 Back panele t urqw ye t urqw yDC18V2.0ARESET AUX IN 5V/1AUSBNETWORK CONNECTwioqe t ur yHEOS 7 HE

Page 3

11AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContentsPlacing Your SpeakerYou can place your HEOS speaker anywhere you want to enjoy great sounding music


12AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContentsPowering Your SpeakerConnect the power cord included in the box to the back of the speaker and the


13AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingUseContentsSetupSETTING UP YOUR FIRST HEOS SPEAKEROnce you have placed your speaker in your listening room and have

Page 6 - 2 Controller Requirements

14AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingUseContentsSetupADDING MORE HEOS SPEAKERSThe HEOS wireless multi-room sound system is a true multiroom audio system

Page 7 - Getting To Know Your Speaker

15AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingSetupContentsUseUSING YOUR HEOS SPEAKEROnce you have your speaker connected to your network and the HEOS app instal

Page 8 - 2 Front panel

16AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingSetupContentsUseListening to RadioThe HEOS system includes access to more than 70,000 free internet radio streams f

Page 9 - 2 Controls

17AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingSetupContentsUseAudio signalPlaying music from the AUX input1Connect an audio device with a 3.5 mm stereo audio out

Page 10 - 2 Back panel

18AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingSetupContentsUseHEOS account 2 What is a HEOS account?A HEOS account is master account or “keychain” for managing a

Page 11 - Placing Your Speaker

19AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingSetupContentsUsePlaying from Streaming Music ServicesA Music Service is an online music company that provides acces

Page 12 - Getting the HEOS App

Contents2AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContentsINTRODUCTION ···············································································

Page 13

20AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingSetupContentsUseUsing Headphones (HEOS 7 only)You can listen to music through headphones by connecting your favorit


21AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingSetupContentsUse1LivingTrain,This’ll Be My YearDiningBedroomSong Name 1Drag one room into another to group them Son


22AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingSetupContentsUse 2 Ungrouping Rooms1Tap the “Rooms” tab.2Press and hold your finger on room that you want to remove

Page 16 - Listening to Radio

23AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingSetupContentsUse 2 Grouping All Rooms (Party Mode)You can easily group the eight rooms together into Party Mode by

Page 17 - Appendix

24AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingSetupContentsUse 2 Ungrouping All RoomsYou can easily ungroup all of your rooms and exit Party Mode by using a “spr

Page 18 - HEOS account

25AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingSetupContentsUseUsing the Now Playing QueueHEOS uses a Now Playing “Queue” to line up music that you want to listen

Page 19 - 2 Adding a Music Service

26AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingSetupContentsUseRearranging the Now Playing QueueOnce you have songs lined up in your queue, you might want to rear

Page 20

27AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingSetupContentsUseDeleting All Songs from the Play Queue You can remove all of the songs from the Now Playing queue:1

Page 21 - 2 Grouping Rooms

28AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingSetupContentsUseMAKING SPEAKER ADJUSTMENTSYou can adjust specific settings for each of your HEOS Speakers in your sy

Page 22 - 2 Ungrouping Rooms

29AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingSetupContentsUseChanging the Speaker’s Equalizer1Select “EQ”.2Adjust the Treble or Bass up or down.3Select the Rese

Page 23 - Tap the “Rooms” tab

3AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContentsUPDATING YOUR SYSTEM ························································ 31ADVANCED FEATURES ··

Page 24 - 2 Ungrouping All Rooms

30AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingSetupContentsUse 2 Firmware Upgrade1Select “Advanced”.2Select “Firmware Upgrade”.3Enable or disable automatic firmwa

Page 25 - Using the Now Playing Queue

31AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingSetupContentsUseUPDATING YOUR SYSTEMHEOS has the ability to add enhancements and updated functionality via your hig

Page 26

32AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingSetupContentsUseADVANCED FEATURESThere are a few advanced features of the HEOS system that you may want to explore

Page 27 - Saving Playlists

33AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingSetupContentsUseSharing Music from your Mobile DeviceThe HEOS App has a feature called “Music Sharing” which can sh


34AppendixStatus LEDUseSetupContentsTroubleshootingBASIC TROUBLESHOOTING My speaker won’t connect to my network using the audio cableSolution Refer to

Page 29 - Advanced Speaker Settings

35AppendixStatus LEDUseSetupContentsTroubleshootingMusic cuts out or delays sometimesSolution Refer to Page• Make sure your Internet connection is ope

Page 30 - 2 About

36AppendixStatus LEDUseSetupContentsTroubleshootingConnecting to a WPS NetworkSolution Refer to PageIf your wireless router support WPS (Wi-Fi Protect


37Status LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContentsAppendixContact DenonFor U.S. & Canada only:If you need further assistance with your HEOS product, plea


38TroubleshootingUseSetupContentsAppendixStatus LEDSPECIFICATIONSSupported File Types and CodecsFrequency Sample Rate File Extension Codec Bit Rates32

Page 33 - Power Modes

39TroubleshootingUseSetupContentsAppendixStatus LEDStatus LED TableGExampleH HEOS 5Speaker Operation Description Front LED Action Rear LED ActionO


4AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContentsThank you for purchasing this HEOS product. To ensure proper operation, please read this owner’s man

Page 35

40TroubleshootingUseSetupContentsAppendixStatus LEDSpeaker Operation Description Front LED Action Rear LED ActionSetup Not connected (solid)(solid

Page 36 - Resetting Your Speaker

41TroubleshootingUseSetupContentsAppendixStatus LEDSpeaker Operation Description Front LED Action Rear LED Action Configured and connected to your

Page 37 - Contact Denon

42TroubleshootingUseSetupContentsAppendixStatus LEDSpeaker Operation Description Front LED Action Rear LED ActionReset Soft reset - Clear user set


43TroubleshootingUseSetupContentsAppendixStatus LEDSpeaker Operation Description Front LED Action Rear LED ActionErrors Firmware Error (slow blink

Page 39 - Status LED Table

44Status LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContentsAppendixSpeaker Operation Description Front LED Action Rear LED ActionWPS a WPS session is active (fast

Page 40

45Status LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContentsAppendixSpeaker Specifications 2 HEOS 7 Wireless LANNetwork type (wireless LAN standards): Conforming to IEE

Page 41

46Status LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContentsAppendix 2 HEOS 5 Wireless LANNetwork type (wireless LAN standards): Conforming to IEEE 802.11a/b/g/nUsed f

Page 42

47Status LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContentsAppendix 2 HEOS 3 Wireless LANNetwork type (wireless LAN standards): Conforming to IEEE 802.11a/b/g/nUsed f

Page 43

48Status LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContentsAppendixINFORMATIONTrademarksGoogle Play is a trademark of Google Inc. Apple, the Apple logo, iPad, iPhone,

Page 44

49Status LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContentsAppendix 2 License Information for the Software Used in the UnitAbout GPL (GNU-General Public License), LGP

Page 45 - Speaker Specifications

5AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContentsBEFORE YOU BEGINNOTEIf you have already installed at least one HEOS speaker, please skip to the sect

Page 46 - 2 HEOS 5

50Status LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContentsAppendix n e2fsprogs-libs-1.40.8/lib/uuidRedistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without

Page 47 - 2 HEOS 3

51Status LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContentsAppendix n jQueryCopyright 2014 jQuery Foundation and other contributors is her


52Status LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContentsAppendix n libtar-1.2.11Copyright (c) 1998-2003 University of Illinois Board of TrusteesCopyright (c) 1998-

Page 49 - n curl-7.24.0

53Status LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContentsAppendix n openssl-1.0.0dCopyright (c) 1998-2011 The OpenSSL Project. All rights reserved.Redistribution an

Page 50 - n expat-2.0.1

54Status LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContentsAppendix n portmap-6.0Copyright (c) 1990 The Regents of the University of California. z All rights reserved

Page 51 - n libpcap-1.4.0

55Status LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContentsAppendix n rl78flash 2000.3.1License=======The MIT License (MIT)Copyright (c) 2012 Maxim SalovPermission is

Page 52 - n mongoose-2.5

56Status LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContentsAppendix n strlcpy.c , v1.11 z Copyright (c) 1998 Todd C. Miller <> z Permis

Page 53 - n openssl-1.0.0d

57Status LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContentsAppendix n zlib -- interface of the ‘zlib’ general purpose compression library ve

Page 54 - n pstdint.h-0.1.12

D&M Holdings Inc.3520 10321

Page 55 - n sqlite 2003.5.7

6AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContents 2 Controller RequirementsYou can control your HEOS wireless multi-room sound system using the free

Page 56 - n tinyxml 2002.4.3

7AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContentsGetting To Know Your SpeakerUnpack your speaker from the box and verify that the following items are

Page 57

8AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContents 2 Front panelwqqwqwHEOS 7 HEOS 5 HEOS 3q Speakersw Status LEDPlease refer to the “Status LED Table”

Page 58 - 3520 10321 00AD

9AppendixStatus LEDTroubleshootingUseSetupContents 2 ControlsqweqwwqHEOS 7 HEOS 5 HEOS 3q Volume Up/Down buttons (+, –)Adjusts the speaker’s volume le

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