Denon AVR-1509 Owner's Manual

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Owners Manual
Manuel de l’Utilisateur
Manuale delle istruzioni
Manual del usuario
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - AVR-1509

AV SURROUND RECEIVERAVR-1509Owner’s ManualBedienungsanleitungManuel de l’UtilisateurManuale delle istruzioniManual del usuarioGebruiksaanwijzingBruksa


Connections Setup Playback Remote Control Information TroubleshootingENGLISHSpecificationsRemote Control UnitqyuiowertQ0Q2Q3Q4Q5Q6Q1q Indicator ······

Page 3

Getting Started Setup Playback Remote Control Information TroubleshootingENGLISHSpecificationsAudio cables Video cablesCoaxial digital connections(Ora

Page 4

Getting Started Setup Playback Remote Control Information TroubleshootingENGLISHSpecificationsThe illustration below shows a basic example of installa

Page 5

Getting Started Connections Setup Playback Remote Control Information TroubleshootingENGLISHSpecificationsConnecting the Speaker CablesCarefully check

Page 6 - Getting Started

47*%&0065"6%*0 7*%&0$0.10/&/57*%&0: 1# 137*%&0065065"6%*03-065 065)%.*065$0"9*"-RLRLSelect the terminal to u

Page 7 - Cautions on Installation

"6%*0"6%*03-065065$0"9*"-RLRLCD PlayerSelect the terminal to use and connect the device.CD playerWhen using an optical cable for t

Page 8 - Part Names and Functions

Getting Started Setup Playback Remote Control Information TroubleshootingENGLISHSpecificationsCarefully check the left (L) and right (R) channels and

Page 9 - Rear Panel

Getting Started Setup Playback Remote Control Information TroubleshootingENGLISHSpecificationsComponent with Multi-channel Output Connectors46#800&a

Page 10 - Remote Control Unit

Wait until all connections have been completed before connecting the power cord.Connecting the Power CordNOTE• Insert the AC plugs securely. Incomplet

Page 11 - Connections

<SPEAKERS>MASTER VOLUMEuiENTER, oPreparations• Audyssey MultEQ automatically measures the acoustical problems in the listening environment to cr

Page 12 - Speaker Connections

ICAUTION:To completely disconnect this product from the mains, disconnect the plug from the wall socket outlet.The mains plug is used to completely in

Page 13 - Specifications

About the Auto SetupThe Audyssey MultEQ auto setup function detects the presence of each speaker and automatically calculates the speaker size, chan

Page 14 - Connecting the Monitor

Step 4 : Check• To proceed to “Step 5” without checking the analysis result, use ui to select “Store<” while “Parameter Check<” is displayed.• V

Page 15 - TV/CABLE Tuner

Make detail settings for various parameters.1Press SYSTEM SETUP.“System Setup” is displayed.2Press ENTER.Three setup menu categories are displayed.“

Page 16 - Connections to Other Devices

[Display]1 . S p 2 . I n 3 . O pQS p e a k e r S e t u pQ1 F r o n t : L a r g eQ4 S u b w o o f e r : Y e ss Center SpeakerSelect center

Page 17 - Antenna Terminals

A2 ~ A6 Crossover FrequencySelect crossover frequency from which subwoofer handles low range signal.Only the portion of the bass sound of the

Page 18 - 1 H D M I 1 : D V D

2. Input SetupUse this procedure to select the input source and make the settings related to playing input sources.a, s HDMI In Assignd ~ h Digital

Page 19 - Auto Setup

For details on how to select, set and cancel settings for each menu, see “System Setup Operation” (vpage 18).A0 Auto Preset MemoryUse the auto preset

Page 20

“Remote ID Setup” ··························For details on how to select, set and cancel settings for each menu, see “System Setup Operation” (vpage

Page 21 - Step 5 : Store

Input signal DisplayDolby Digital SourceDOLBY DIGITAL (other than 2ch)DOLBY DIGITALDTS Surround SourceDTS (5.1ch) /DTS 96/24DTS SURROUNDDTS 96/24 (z)z

Page 22 - System Setup

1Press SURR. PARA.Parameter is displayed.2Use ui to select which parameters to adjust.Only those parameters which can be adjusted under the current

Page 23 - 1. Speaker Setup

IICAUTION:• The ventilation should not be impeded by covering the ventilation openings with items, such as newspapers, tablecloths, curtains, et

Page 24 - A8 Restore

A0 Effect LevelAdjust the strength of the surround effect.[Variable range] 1 ~ 10 ~ 15Set to a lower level if the positioning and sense of

Page 25 - 2. Input Setup

A4 Tone ControlTurn tone adjustments on and off.[Selectable items]ON : Allow tone adjustment (treble, bass).OFF : Playback without tone adjustment

Page 26 - 3. Option Setup

For details on adjusting individual parameters, see “Adjusting the Parameters” (vpage 25).S0 DV Setting (Dynamic Volume Setting)Set Dynamic Volume eff

Page 27 - 6 R e m o t e I D : 1

Operating from the remote control unitPress [NIGHT].OFF Low MidHighS3 DefaultResets the settings to the default values.[Selectable items]Yes : Rese

Page 28 - DSP Simulation Playback

Preparations1Press <POWER>.The power indicator lights red and the power is set to the standby mode.2Press <ON/STANDBY> or [ON

Page 29 - Parameter

Plug the headphones into the PHONES jack on the main unit.The sound from the speakers and pre-out connectors is automatically cut.NOTEBe careful not t

Page 30

Presetting Radio Stations(Preset Memory)Your favorite broadcast stations can be preset so that you can tune them in easily. Up to 56 station

Page 31

1Either turn <SOURCE SELECT> or press [TUNER] to select “TUNER”.2Set [SOURCE CONTROL 1] to “AUDIO” and [SOURCE CONTROL 2] to “TUNER”. (vpage

Page 32 - S1 RESTORER

iPod® PlaybackThe music on an iPod can be played by using the control dock for iPod (ASD-1R, ASD-3N or ASD-3W, sold separately).The operation can a

Page 33 - O F F S E T - 4 d B

• To check the name of the title, the artist or the album when playing in browse mode, press <STATUS>.• The folder name and the file name

Page 34 - Playback

A NOTE ABOUT RECYCLING:This product’s packaging materials are recyclable and can be reused. Please dispose of any materials in accordance with the loc

Page 35 - Listening to FM/AM Broadcasts

Recording on an External Device(REC OUT mode)You can listen to one program source while recording a different program source.1Press <REC SELECT&

Page 36 - RDS (Radio Data System)

Last Function MemoryThis stores the settings as they were directly before the standby mode was set.When the power is turned back on, the settings are

Page 37 - RT (Radio Text)

Depending on the model and year of manufacture of your equipment, some buttons may not operate.[SOURCE CONTROL 1][SOURCE CONTROL 2]1Set [SOURCE CONTR

Page 38 - Playback

Functions of Buttons by Component[SOURCE CONTROL 1][SETUP][1][2][0, SKIP + / FAVORITE][SHIFT, 3][OFF] [ON/SOURCE][DISPLAY][uio p][AUDIO][ENTER][RETURN

Page 39 - Listening to Audio

Device operatedCD Player iPod Tuner DVD PlayerBlu-ray Disc Player Video Disc Player (VDP)Video DeckSatellite ReceiverCable TVTV (Monitor)SOURCE CON

Page 40 - Convenient Functions

Examples of speaker layoutsBelow we introduce examples of speaker layouts. Refer to these to arrange your speakers according to their type and how you

Page 41 - <POWER>

HDMI(High-Definition Multimedia Interface)HDMI is a digital interface standard for next generation TVs based on DVI (Digital Visual Inter

Page 42 - Operating Preset Components

Surround modeSignals and adjustability in the different modesChannel output Parameter (default values are shown in parentheses)Front L/R Center Surrou

Page 43

Surround modeSignals and adjustability in the different modesParameter (default values are shown in parentheses)PRO LOGIC g MUSIC mode onlyNEO:6 MUSIC

Page 44 - Punch Through Function

Button Input signalsSurround mode ANALOG LINEAR PCMLINEAR PCM (Multi ch)DTS DOLBY DIGITALDTS (5.1ch) DTS 96/24DOLBY DIGITAL (5.1/5/4ch)DOLBY DIGITAL (

Page 45 - Other Information

ENGLISHAccessories ·····················································································2Cautions on Handling ·······················

Page 46 - Audyssey

If a problem should arise, first check the following:1. Are the connections correct?2. Is the set being operated as described in the owner’s manual?3

Page 47 - Surround Modes and Parameters

Symptom Cause Countermeasure PageNo sound is produced from center speaker.• You are playing a monaural source (TV, AM radio broadcast, etc.) in th

Page 48

n Audio section • Power amplifier Rated output: Front (A, B): 75 W + 75 W (8 Ω/ohms, 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz with 0.08 % T.H.D.) 110 W + 110

Page 49

PRESET CODEBlu-Ray Disc Player / DVD PlayerAAiwa 009DDenon 014, [111]z, 121HHitachi 010JJVC 006, 011KKonka 012, 013MMagnavox 005Mitsubishi 004PPan

Page 50 - Troubleshooting

PRESET CODEMGA001, 039, 048, 056, 057, 058, 065, 081, 083Midland 125Minutz 066Mitsubishi 001, 016, 039, 048, 056, 057, 058, 065, 081, 082, 083, 105Mo

Page 52

www.denon.comDenon Brand Company, D&M Holdings Inc.Printed in China 5411 10039 000D

Page 53 - Television

Connections Setup Playback Remote Control Information TroubleshootingENGLISHSpecificationsOther Operations ···········································

Page 54 - Satellite Receiver

Connections Setup Playback Remote Control Information TroubleshootingENGLISHSpecificationsIn addition to the AVR-1509, the included remote control uni

Page 55

Connections Setup Playback Remote Control Information TroubleshootingENGLISHSpecificationsFor buttons not explained here, see the page indicated in pa

Page 56

Connections Setup Playback Remote Control Information TroubleshootingENGLISHSpecificationsuoQ1 iQ0Q2yqwte rRear PanelGetting Startedq Digital audio co

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