Denon DA-300USB Owner's Manual

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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Owner’s Manual

AppendixTipsSettingsPlaybackConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexDA-300USBD/A CONVERTEROwner’s ManualYou can print more than one pag

Page 2 - Contents

10AppendixTipsSettingsPlaybackContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexConnectionsVertical placementWhen placing this unit vertically, attach the s

Page 3 - Accessories

11AppendixTipsSettingsPlaybackContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexConnectionsConnecting devices•For USB-DAC playback, install the dedicated d

Page 4 - Features

12AppendixTipsSettingsPlaybackContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexConnectionsConnecting the AC adapterAfter completing all the connections, in

Page 5 - Part names and functions

13AppendixTipsSettingsPlaybackContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexConnectionsHow to remove the AC adapter plug unit While pressing and holding

Page 6 - VOL.---dB

14AppendixTipsSettingsConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexPlaybackPlaybackTurning the power on (vpage15)Selecting the input source

Page 7 - Rear panel

15AppendixTipsSettingsConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexPlaybackSelecting the input source1Touch to switch the input source for

Page 8 - Connections

16AppendixTipsSettingsConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexPlaybackConnecting and playing back from a computer (USB-DAC)Enjoy music

Page 9 - Placing this unit

17AppendixTipsSettingsConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexPlayback5Install the driver. q Select the language to use for the instal

Page 10 - Vertical placement

18AppendixTipsSettingsConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexPlaybacky Click “Install” on the installation start dialog.•The install

Page 11 - Connecting devices

19AppendixTipsSettingsConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexPlayback9Checking the installed driver.q Click the “Start” button and c

Page 12 - Connecting the AC adapter

2AppendixTipsSettingsPlaybackConnectionsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexContentsAccessories ······················································

Page 13 - (for UK)

20AppendixTipsSettingsConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexPlaybackw Click the “Advanced” tab.e Select the sampling rate and bit ra

Page 14 - Playback

21AppendixTipsSettingsConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexPlayback 2 Playback•Install the desired player software on your computer

Page 15 - Basic operation

22AppendixTipsSettingsConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexPlaybackConnect and playback from a digital device (COAXIAL/OPTICAL-1/OPT

Page 16

23AppendixTipsPlaybackConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexSettingsSettingsYou can set the unit to automatically switch to standby m


24AppendixSettingsPlaybackConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexTipsTipsContents 2 Tips ...

Page 18

25AppendixSettingsPlaybackConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexTipsTipsI want to play audio from the TV with the amplifier connected

Page 19 - Checking audio output

26AppendixSettingsPlaybackConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexTipsTroubleshootingIf a problem should arise, first check the followin

Page 20

27AppendixSettingsPlaybackConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexTips 2 No sound comes outSymptom Cause / Solution PageNo sound is pro

Page 21 - 2 Playback

28AppendixSettingsPlaybackConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexTips 2 Files on my computer cannot be playedSymptom Cause / Solution

Page 22

29TipsSettingsPlaybackConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexAppendixTypes of digital audio input signals available for playbackInput

Page 23 - Settings

3AppendixTipsSettingsPlaybackConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexAccessoriesCheck that the following parts are supplied with the pr

Page 24

30TipsSettingsPlaybackConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexAppendixExplanation of termsAAdvanced AL32 ProcessingEquipped with Advanc

Page 25

31TipsSettingsPlaybackConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexAppendixTrademark informationAdobe, the Adobe logo and Reader are either

Page 26 - Troubleshooting

32TipsSettingsPlaybackConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexAppendixSpecifications 2 Audio performance [DSD signal] [PCM signal]•Anal

Page 27 - 2 No sound comes out

33TipsSettingsPlaybackConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexAppendixIndex v AAccessories ············································

Page 28

34TipsSettingsPlaybackConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexAppendix 2 DimensionsUnit : mm 2 Weight : 1.5 kg17018255170121751145755

Page 29 - Appendix

D&M Holdings Inc.3520 10297

Page 30 - Explanation of terms

4AppendixTipsSettingsPlaybackConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexHigh quality sound•Advanced AL32 Processing and High-precision 32

Page 31 - Trademark information

5AppendixTipsSettingsPlaybackConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexPart names and functionsFront panelr tq w eq Power operation butto

Page 32 - Specifications

6AppendixTipsSettingsPlaybackConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexDisplayDSD5.6448MHzVOL.---dBqwerq Input source indicatorThe follow

Page 33

7AppendixTipsSettingsPlaybackConnectionsContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexRear panelwq eq AUDIO OUT connectorsUsed to connect a amplifier (vp

Page 34 - 2 Weight : 1.5 kg

Connections8AppendixTipsSettingsPlaybackContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexConnectionsPlacing this unit (vpage9)Connecting devices (vpage11

Page 35 - 3520 10297 00AD

9AppendixTipsSettingsPlaybackContentsFront panel Display Rear panel IndexConnectionsPlacing this unitPlace this unit horizontally or vertically accord

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