Denon S81 Operations Instructions

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Getting Started Getting Started6ENGLISHENGLISHRear panelwoq e r tyuiRemote control unitBAND button·········································(14)TUNING

Page 3 - 1. PRODUCT

Getting Started7ENGLISHENGLISHOPEN/CLOSE button·········································(13)Play button(1) ···································(22)CD p

Page 4 - 2 NOTE ON USE

Connections Connections8ENGLISHENGLISHSpeaker connectionsA CD receiver (RCD-S81) and speaker systems (SC-S81) can be easily connected to the S-81 usin

Page 5 - Contents

Connections Connections9ENGLISHENGLISHAntenna connectionsConnecting the included antennasAssembling the AM loop antenna2. Bend.1. Remove.3. Insert in

Page 6 - Getting Started

Connections Connections10ENGLISHENGLISHConnecting the XM terminal• S-81 Personal Audio System is an XM Ready® receiver. You can receive XM® Satellite

Page 7

Connections Connections11ENGLISHiPod is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.When using an exclusive contro

Page 8 - Gently wipe the disc from the

Connections Connections12ENGLISHConnecting a CD recorderRLAUDIO OUTOPTICALINRLRLACConnecting the power supply cordAC 120 V, 60 HzAC outlet (wall)Powe

Page 9 - Front panel

13ENGLISHTurning the power on98ON/STANDBY[VOLUME][OPEN/CLOSE][SDB/TONE]<VOLUME><5>ON/STANDBY8 9 About the button names in this explanatio

Page 10 - Remote control unit

1 Can be selected when iPod CONTROL on the rear panel isswitched to “iPod (FRONT)” and the included iPod cable isused.2 Front IN can only be selected

Page 11 - Connections

Listening to radio broadcasts Listening to radio broadcasts15ENGLISHUse <FUNCTION>or [TUNER] (FUNCTION) to select“TUNER”.• The reception frequen

Page 12 - White Red


Page 13

Listening to radio broadcasts Listening to radio broadcasts16ENGLISHUse BAND to select “FM AUTO”.1Press [RDS].2Press [SEARCH].• Automatically begin th

Page 14 - Connecting to an iPod

Listening to radio broadcasts Listening to radio broadcasts17ENGLISHENGLISHHardware and required $12.95 monthly service subscription soldseparately. O

Page 15 - When using an Apple iPod Dock

18ENGLISHENGLISH[MENU/SET][CLOCK]ON/STANDBY9BAND88 9 ON/STANDBYBANDTUNINGAbout the button names in this explanation<>: Buttons on the main unit

Page 16 - Connecting a CD recorder

Using the timer function Using the timer function19ENGLISHSetting the everyday or once timerBe sure to set the current time first ( page 18).Example 1

Page 17 - Basic Operation

Using the timer function Using the timer function20ENGLISHAbout the button names in this explanation<>: Buttons on the main unit[]: Buttons on t

Page 18 - Listening to radio broadcasts

Using other functions21ENGLISHUsing other functions10 SEC (Set upon purchase):The display automatically turns off after approximately 10 seconds.CONTI

Page 19

22ENGLISHAbout the button names in this explanation<>: Buttons on the main unit[]: Buttons on the remote control unitButton name only : Buttons

Page 20

Playing discs Playing discs23ENGLISHPlaying the desired track (Direct play)Use [NUMBER] (1 ~ 9, 0/10, +10) to select the track.For track numbers 1 to

Page 21 - CAT: Rock

24ENGLISHBefore playing MP3 or WMA filesThere are many music distribution sites on the Internet allowing you to download music files in MP3 or WMA (Wi

Page 22 - Using the timer function

Playing MP3 or WMA files Playing MP3 or WMA files25ENGLISHLoad a CD-R or CD-RW disc containing music filesin MP3 or WMA (Windows Media Audio) format i

Page 23

IIFCC INFORMATION (For US customers)1. PRODUCTThis product complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subjectto the following two conditions

Page 24 - [SLEEP] during playback

Playing MP3 or WMA files Playing MP3 or WMA files26ENGLISHAbout the button names in this explanation<>: Buttons on the main unit[]: Buttons on t

Page 25 - Using other functions

27ENGLISHConnect the Control Dock for iPod and S-81 (page 11).1Use <FUNCTION>or [AUX] (FUNCTION) to select“AUX1/iPod”.2The music on an iPod can

Page 26 - Playing discs

ENGLISHOthers28Symptom Cause Measures PageOthersIf a problem should arise, first check the following.1. Are all connections proper?2. Is the set being

Page 27

Others29ENGLISH¢ CD player sectionPageMeasuresCauseSymptom“00 Tr 00 : 00” is shownon the display eventhough a CD is loaded.• The disc is not properly

Page 28 - Audio) files

Others30ENGLISHENGLISHSpecifications¢ Receiver sectionRated output: 50 W + 50 W (4 Ω/ohms, 1 kHz, T.H.D. 10 %)Output terminals: Speaker: 4 Ω/ohmsAudio

Page 30 - 1/3><

Denon Brand Company, D&M Holdings Inc.Printed in China 00D 511 4472 008TOKYO,

Page 31 - Other types of playback

III2 NOTE ON USE•Avoid high temperatures.Allow for sufficient heat dispersion when installed in arack.•Handle the power cord carefully.Hold the plug w

Page 32 - ¢ Receiver section

1ENGLISHENGLISHContentsThank you for purchasing this DENON Personal Audio System.Please read the operation instructions thoroughly in order to acquain

Page 33 - ¢ CD player section

2ENGLISHENGLISHAccessoriesCheck that the following parts are attached in addition to the mainunit:q Operating instructions ...

Page 34 - ¢ General

Getting Started Getting Started3ENGLISHENGLISHCautions on loading discs• Only load one disc at a time. Loading two or more discs can damagethe set or

Page 35

Getting Started Getting Started4ENGLISHENGLISHAbout the remote control unitInserting the batteriesq Remove the remote controlunit’s rear cover.w Set t

Page 36 - TOKYO, JAPAN

rTuner reception mode indicatorsTUNED: Lights when AM or FM broadcasts areproperly tuned in.AUTO:Lights when in the auto stereo mode.ST: Lights when a

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